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Fave-3_Outlets%3A_Balinese_Massage for health-and-beauty,massage-and-spa,local
#B1-05, Bedok Mall
311 upper changi road Bedok Mall #B1-05 S467360
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3 Outlets: Balinese Massage
3 Outlets: Balinese Massage is expired
Expired 11/01/2019
Deal Highlights
Do you think you deserve a treat from all the hard work you've been doing? If yes, then treat yourself to a pampering session with this offer of a full body traditional Balinese massage! Not only will this help your body relax, it also stimulates your blood flow, relieves strained muscles, helps detoxify the body, nourishes your skin. So snag this deal and head over to Balinese Thai Traditional Massage now!

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