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Fave-CITISPA%3A_90-Min_360_Face_Spa for health-and-beauty,skin-care,massage-and-spa,local
#04-28 NEX
23 Serangoon Central #04-28 NEX Singapore 556083
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With all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and the busy bee lifestyles some of us lead, it's hard to give our skin the proper care it needs. You deserve to take care of your skin to the highest degree possible, so why not treat yourself to an indulgent, in-depth face spa at CITISPA? This meticulous 360 face spa can help improve circulation, clear pores, dislodge blackheads and whiteheads, smoothen wrinkles, firm and lift the skin, promote skin rejuvenation, and much more. This facial can also help replenish and refresh your complexion and take it all the way to the next level of hydration and radiance.

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