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Landscape Lookout – Daily Deal Sites in Singapore – July 2013 Edition (part II of III)

Let’s continue our look at the daily deals sites in Singapore by profiling 4 more today, the sleeping giant Groupon Singapore, medium sized players JuzToday & MoxDeals, and small upstart ShoppeTreatz.

If you haven’t read part I yet, be sure to check it out here.

groupon logo

Groupon SG – Ah the world dominating Groupon, who hasn’t heard of them?  In fact Groupon is so synonymously known throughout the world that it is often confused with the term “daily deal”…  kinda how people call tissues “Kleenex”, even though the latter is just a brand.  The most interesting fact about Groupon in Singapore is that they actually don’t have as much of a stranglehold on the region as in other parts of the world.  Give local companies such as Deal.com.sg and AllDealsAsia a big pat on the back for the strong competition they have put up, to make the Singapore daily deals industry less of a monopoly.

A strategy that Groupon should employ is to look for other places to market their deals; that is besides putting up expensive billboard signs and TV/radio commercials.  This is one area where some of the smaller players have been able to do better than them – return on investment or what’s referred to as getting the best bang for the buck.

juztoday logo

JuzToday – JuzToday has been around for a while and like Groupon, they suffer from the same problem, just (no pun intended) on a smaller scale.  They have the quality and quantity of deals to compete with other bigger daily deals sites such as Plus Big Deal and Streetdeal, but I just haven’t seen or heard enough about them from the marketing aspect.  Most recently, they’ve opened a JuzMarket section which helps push their ever growing inventory of products deals.  Let’s see if they make that extra marketing push in the 2nd half of 2013 to put them in the upper echelon of daily deal sites in Singapore.

moxdeals logo

MoxDeals – One of the many daily deal spin-offs done by Telecom companies, MoxDeals belongs to one of the e-commerce divisions of Aglow Alicom Pte Ltd, based out of Germany.  For the Singapore market, Mox Deals seems to be able to source well for Health & Beauty daily deals.  While MoxDeals will probably never be a regional leader in Singapore, their presence keeps the large daily deal sites honest.  At the same time, MoxDeals seems to be selling a reasonable amount of deals to keep on reaping whatever other beneficial gains they get from running a daily deals division under their telecom empire.

shoppetreatz logo

ShoppeTreatz – ShoppeTreatz is a smaller daily deals site that was started in mid-2012 and on average they have about 20 or so live deals.  Their deals are catered more towards the ladies ranging from spa treatments to Kate Spade handbags.  While the majority of their deals are attractive, I seem to always have trouble loading their web pages quickly.  This kind of user experience will turn off some shoppers so it will pay for them to look into make their website top-notch, to go along with some of their already exciting daily deals.

Join us next week for the last installment of this edition where we’ll review the on-goings of NiceDeal, StreetDeal, Voucherlicious, and Whee!

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