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Get a chance to win a $10 voucher from Coffee Bean – Just like this one!

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Earn points and win great prizes just by using Deals Lion City!




Coupon-ing: Print or Online?

Since 1987, the US newspaper industry has been in slow decline and most believe it is due to the development of the internet. Even newspapers are creating online editions to keep pace with their readers. As the internet business continues to boom, daily deal websites are becoming the rage. With the group buying phenom hitting nearly every country, print coupons are becoming seemingly obsolete. But, perhaps it isn’t the internet or the daily deal sites making the print coupons obsolete, as it is the print coupons themselves.

One great example of this was I was using a Groupon deal to a local restaurant I had never tried before. I was talking to the owner of the restaurant, asking how successful the Groupon advertising had been for their establishment, and she said over 500 people had dined in as a result of the deal. She went on to say that she recently put a coupon in the local paper for nearly $1,000.00 for a “Buy 1 Dinner, Get 1 Dinner Free” deal. Unsuccessfully, the coupon only brought in about 5 customers, costing her way more than she made.

hong kong print or online couponsEven though the Groupon copy-cat websites may seem to do marginal in comparison with Groupon, they have a larger market share than coupons from the local newspapers. Considering the larger distribution due to e-mail, these deals reach consumers much faster and more frequently. On the other hand, some will argue that almost 60% of consumers mention print coupons as their main source. This could be because consumers are able to purchase more using print coupons. They can visit a grocery store and purchase a weeks worth of groceries, whereas the Groupon deals are aimed at one particular item or service. Additionally, older consumers who are less acquainted with the internet are most likely to stick to their reliable source of coupons – print ads. They are less likely to jump on the technology bandwagon and print out electronic coupons.

There really does not appear to be a real threat to either electronic or print coupons. With the rise of couponing and shows such as “Extreme Couponing”, consumers are more encouraged to reach for their Sunday newspaper to stock up and save on their weekly groceries and personal items, as well as activities and restaurants. On the other hand, with the rise of online deals, other consumers are logging on excessively to anxiously await the next daily deal. In a falling economy, everyone is reaching for deals from wherever they can find them. As deals become available, it seems the source is not that important.

Hihi Singapore!

We are very excited to launch our new site for all the savvy shoppers of great Singapore. What started out as a simple idea to bring together a few deals to make a deal seeker’s job easier, has now grown into two websites that has each city’s best deals in one place. From Deals Hong Kong to Deals Malaysia, each of our sites will make finding all of the deals that you want so much easier.

Daily Deals For Starters

I love deals in SingaporeThere’s probably a zillion different group buying & daily deal sites out there in Singapore, and you would need to spend hours on each before you can wrap your head around all the different deals. That’s why we think you should let us do it for you! Just sign up for your daily deals newsletter (don’t worry, it’s very easy), tell us what kind of deals you want to see, and voila, everyday we will search, sort, and send to you only those deals that you wish to see. It’s really as easy as 1,2,3.


The Main Event

Deals Lion City knows that a good deal is only a good deal when you can find it and buy it! So if you’re into the thrill of searching for that great deal yourself, then with just a few clicks in the All Deals section, you can filter all of Singapore’s deals by deal type, deal provider, deal price, deal savings and deal expiry. For the newest deals of the day, be sure to take a look at the Today’s Deals section. We also tell you the top 50 most popular deals in the city based off of how many deal seekers bought onto that deal in the Top Deals section. With so many ways to filter & sort, there’s no way you’ll ever miss out on a deal!

The Cherry on Top

So you’ve bought some deals and now what? Well, have your say and opinion heard! Share with your fellow deal seekers in Lion City about all of the good, the bad, and the ugly that you’ve experienced. You can write all about it under the deal Reviews section. And just in case, be sure to read a few reviews before you buy your next deal to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Ever bought a group deal but realized afterwards that you don’t want it anymore? Well, we all have our reasons and if you’ve been in that situation before, no need to worry because Deals Lion City has got the answer. You can resell your unused, valid vouchers in the Deals Lion City Marketplace section. You get to choose the price you want to resell the voucher for and who knows, you may just end up picking up that deal you missed out on before at an even lower price from another reseller.

When you boil it down, our main goal is to make Deals Lion City a helpful resource to help you find the very best deals in town! So if there’s anything you can think of to make the deal finding experience on Deals Lion City even better, please drop us a line at

‘Til next time, happy deal hunting!