The Best Batam Deals in Singapore

Batam is a popular tourist destination island located to the south of Singapore.  One can easily travel to Batam by ferry and do a day or overnight trip.  Known for sight-seeing, temples, shopping, and beach resorts, Batam is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore for some rest & relaxation.

As a matter of fact, there is not a better way to spend a weekend in Southeast Asia.  Actually, there is ONE better way, and that is to get the a travel package and deal to Batam to save some of your hard earned cash!  Stay on top of the numerous ferry + Batam Resort packages that come out every day from the top deal sites in Singapore to ensure that you enjoy your trip at the best price possible.

2D1N King Hotel with Buffet Breakfast

Brand New Hotel Batam: 2D1N King Hotel with Buffet Breakfast + 2-Way Ferry Tickets and Transfers + Seafood Lunch + Shopping Tour and Voucher + 60-Min Massage. Min 2 to Go. Massage Option Available.

“Upon arriving at Sekupang International Ferry Terminal, you will be greeted by the tour guide and escorted to an awaiting air-conditioned bus before proceeding for the One Day Batam City & Shopping Tour”


Special Promotion for The Centro Hotel & Residence

$38 For 2D1N Unique Experience @ Uniquely The Centro Hotel & Residence Batam + Tons of Tempting Breakfast + 2 Way Ferry Ticket & Land Transfers + FREE Shopping Shuttle – Top Up For Full Day Guided City & Shopping Tour + Irresistible Seafood Lunch! (Min 2 Pax)

“Before boats and planes, learning about foreign lands was only possible by visiting restaurants like Thai Express or The Rupee Room.”


Stay at The Gideon Hotel

73% off Batam: 2D1N / 3D2N Stay at The Gideon Hotel – Includes 2-Way Ferry Ticket + Meals + Massage or Bird’s Nest Soup* + Tour (Min 2 Pax)

“Batam is the nearest vacation spot for you to replenish yourself with loads of shopping, seafood, bird’s nest and massage. Rest within the comfort of Gideon Hotel – a new hotel built to attend to every tourist’s needs with provided amenities and friendly services – after a day full of bargaining, touring and eating. Grab this DEAL, then your family and friends to go on a happy and fun-filled getaway.”


Batam: $39 per pax for 2D1N M-One Hotel

Batam: $39 per pax for 2D1N M-One Hotel Stay with Breakfast + 2 Way Ferry and Land Transfers + More (Worth $115)

“Get out of the daily grind with a quick and fuss-free getaway to nearby Batam, delving into its rich culture and the island’s sandy shores for a day or two of well-deserved relaxation. Get a different kind of working done and work yourself into a shopaholic frenzy, hitting up the local dry markets, megamalls and factory outlet stores.”


Centro Hotel Batam

Batam: $39 per pax for 2D1N M-One Hotel Stay with Breakfast + 2 Way Ferry and Land Transfers + More (Worth $115)

“Make a quick escape to the nearby island paradise that is Batam… just a quick ferry ride away! For prices as low as only $38, you can enjoy a refreshing getaway that’s only a stone throw’s distance from home.”

The Best Travel Deals & Discounts from Singapore

Singapore is a great location for exploring South East Asia.  As one of the primary travel hubs in the region, you will have an array of options to choose from.  The first place that comes to mind is Bali, with it’s unique Hindu culture making it quite accessible to visitors.  There are also more far out places for adventurous types, such as Siem Reap in Cambodia or Malaysia Borneo.

Wherever you end up going, Deals Singapore wants to make sure that you get the best travel packages & prices possible.  That is why we have dedicated an entire section of our deal listings to Travel & Vacation deals, and we also have a dedicated sister site Singapore Travel Packages to cater to your needs.  Here are some of the hottest travel destinations in Singapore at the moment with the most competitive prices according to our users.


4D3N at Luxurious 4-Star Maritime Park & Spa Resort

Krabi with Flight: 4D3N at Luxurious 4-Star Maritime Park & Spa Resort. Includes 2-Way Air Ticket & Land Transfers + Daily Breakfast + Islands Hopping Tour + City Tour . Min 2 to Go – from all deals asia

“Countless volumes have been written about palm-peppered islands and crystallized beaches, where writers have been waxing lyrical about pillow-plush sand and turquiose clear waters. With so many coastal choices, it is indeed a challenge to pick the perfect stretch of sand to kick off your Sunday shoes and sprawl lazily to soak in the sun.”


4D3N Sunset Beach Resort Stay

Phuket: $275 per pax for 4D3N Sunset Beach Resort Stay with Breakfast + SilkAir Flight + Airport Transfer (Worth $388) – from groupon singapore

“Take a moment to luxuriate in pure bliss and tranquility before heading out to explore the sights and sounds of Phuket while relaxing on the sands or take a swim in the well-enclosed bay. When the hunger pangs set in, sate appetites with local favourites such as Green Curry, spicy Tom Yam Goong, pineapple rice and fishcakes.”


3D2N Stay at Beijing

56% off China: 3D2N Stay at Beijing – Includes Return Air Ticket by Singapore Airlines + Accommodation at Luxurious Hotel + All Airport Taxes (Min 2 Pax) – from

“Experience the wonders that China has to offer for a truly cultural and enriching vacation. To kick-start your excursion, pay a visit to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China – a must do for all history buffs. The largest and the best-preserved imperial palace complex in the world, the Forbidden City functioned as the administrative center of the country. And your expedition will not be complete without visiting the Great Wall of China, one of the ‘Eight Wonders of the World’ and immersing yourself with its gigantic architectural design.”


3D2N DAVAO, PHILIPPINES Crown Regency Residences

50% OFF 3D2N DAVAO, PHILIPPINES Crown Regency Residences via Philippine Air – from street deal singapore

“Living in a congested city can often desensitize a person but while some desire the beauty of nature, staying anywhere that’s not a city is simply unthinkable. With today’s StreetDeal, you can enjoy the best of world when you travel to DAVAO, PHILIPPINES. Known for being a progressive city that is also bountiful in harvest, Davao is a great place for a vacation without completely depriving yourself of the urban luxuries you’ve gotten so used to.”

The Best Buffet Deals in Singapore

Singaporeans are notoriously hard workers, and our active lifestyles make for hungry hungry stomachs.  Couple that with the fact that we always want to save money and that’s why we have our own section for All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Deals, as well as a dedicated sister site for the Best Buffet Deals in Singapore.  Be sure to keep it bookmarked as it is updated daily with the newest and most popular buffet discounts and promotions around town.

So what better way to cap off the day with a discount at an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant?  Here are a few of the top selling, savory and delicious buffet deals at the moment.


Dinner Buffet at Straits Cafe

34% off Only $38.90 for Dinner Buffet at Straits Cafe – Rendezvous Grand Hotel Singapore – Choose from a Sumptuous & Delicious spread with Snow Crabs, Canadian Oysters, Sashimi, Meat Carving Station, popular Durian Pengat, Durian Crepes and more! – from

“Indulge in a myriad of international dishes at the Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous Grand Hotel. With Salad corners, meat carving stations, oysters, mussels, soup selection and a visually delightful selection of deserts, you would be spoilt for choices.”


Oktoberfest Buffet

Oktoberfest Buffet: $25.90 for German Food, Cocktails & Beers at The Gourmands Dining Bar in Clarke Quay (Worth $60) – from groupon singapore

“Welcome in the quiet afternoons or cosy nights with German bites and drinks to satisfy the mind, body and soul. Indulge in a line of German sausages including Bratswurt sausages, white sausages (Weisswurst) and more, as well as buttery mashed potato and German potato salad (otherwise known as (Kartoffelsalat) which will definitely fill tummies.”


Spanish Tapas Buffet @ 4 & A Half Gourmand
All-You-Can-Eat Spanish Tapas Buffet @ 4 & A Half Gourmands: Satisfy Your Cravings w/ Tasty Spanish Treats! Located Centrally at Clarke Quay. Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef Cube Option Available – from all deals asia

“Eat till you weep with this all-you-can-eat buffet deal. Satiate your cravings with great savings as you chomp down on the free-flow dishes of Potatas Espanola, Gambas with toasts, Sliced chorizos with toasts, Finger Foods, Olives, Achovy with toasts, and Garlic Mushrooms. Go on a date with your loved one and try out the optional add-on of eat-all-you-can Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef Cubes. ”

Bonus: Check out a full review of 4 & a half gourmands written by one of our users!


Thai Buffet Dinner at Suan Thai

Somerset: Only SGD15 for Ala-Carte Thai Buffet Dinner at Suan Thai [Valid Daily] – from street deal singapore

“Be bowled over by the sheer volume and variety of the buffets at Suan Thai restaurant. An award-winning restaurant at Somerset, their buffet has a luxurious spread of thai fare, from Pan-fried King prawns cooked on the spot to Deep fried whole fish. Get some sticky mango rice, and finish with a red ruby from the dessert counter.”

Bonus: Check out a full review of this Suan Thai buffet written by one of our users!


SUPPER BUFFET @ Bayfront SteamBoat

BESTSELLER: $15 ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SUPPER BUFFET @ Bayfront SteamBoat, Gardens By The Bay – Inclusive of FREE FLOW Soft Drinks – from voucherlicious

“With an array of favourite gastronomic delights to choose from, one is spoilt for choice as the quality cuts and delicious bites are available for picking. Delicious marinated meats, savoury seafood and mains like fried rice and bee hoon waits as you make your way down the line.”


Singapore Daily Deal Review – Fern & Kiwi

50% off Fern & Kiwi: $10 for $20 Cash Voucher for Food Items at Fern & Kiwi, Clarke Quay – Use Unlimited Vouchers Per Bill & Enjoy Mouth-Watering Dishes Like Oysters, Mussels, Pork Belly, Ribs, Beef & Many More!

Fern & Kiwi is a Clarke Quay restaurant that sits breezily along the river’s glitzy, touristy main watering hole. It aspires to embody everything New Zealand, from its national symbols, sports, and uh, cuisine, whatever New Zealand food is supposed to be. After dining at this blissfully nationalistic establishment, I’m sorry to say I’m still none the wiser as to what Kiwi food is, besides nebulous generalizations like indistinct at best and disappointing at worst.

A quiet evening with lovely ambience, and the promise of delicious food.

A quiet evening with lovely ambience, and the promise of delicious food.

I guess if I was forced to conjure a description of ethnically Kiwi food based on my experience at Fern & Kiwi, I would go with Western with delusions of fusion – the restaurant has a heavily meat-centric menu (all good, in my book. It only tastes good if it bleeds sums up my food philosophy) with seafood and pizza thrown in for good measure. But at almost $20 a starter, $10 a side and $30 to just under $50 mains, that certainly made me feel slightly queasy.

That being said, if the food was worth the price tag, I would definitely find myself returning. For a quiet afternoon, a small gathering with friends, or a romantic night out (I could easily envision a girl being impressed with fancy restaurant prices and the fancy restaurant that came with them) it was perfect.The dining area upstairs had large windows framing lush, street side greenery, and  letting in lots of natural light into the spacious interiors. The tables were dabbed with small, classy touches, like white table linen, flowers, and complemented with wood paneled walls adorned with themed abstract art.

Keeping it classy at Fern & Kiwi.

Keeping it classy at Fern & Kiwi.

I was equipped with a $40 voucher dining deal (which I paid $20 for), and I figured that would trim down the bill somewhat significantly. The dinner party comprised a friend of mine, me, and my husband. We had had a late tea shortly before so we ordered food to share – a Crusty Cheese Loaf, a cauliflower gratin, a main course of Classic Pork Spare Ribs and my fine dining staple, truffle fries. Truthfully I am in search of the perfect truffle fry, and once I catch a whiff of the oil wafting out of the kitchen, the impulse to order it is a purely physical reaction.

The Crusty Cheese Loaf - simple and good.

The Crusty Cheese Loaf – simple and good.

First to arrive was the Crusty Cheese Bread which was described as a freshly baked “Vienna cheese and garlic loaf” with “whipped garlic butter, olive oil and sea salt”. And it was all of those things. The texture was light and fluffy, and the bread pulled apart gently and easily, as if it was baked two minutes prior to serving.

Classic Spare Ribs with Fries. The fries were the better half - a carnivore's tragedy.

Classic Spare Ribs with Fries. The fries were the better half – a carnivore’s tragedy.

The ribs soon followed, served with a side of “rustic, hand cut ‘lady claire’ potato fries”, for we all know that the best potatoes are named after people, and the upper crust of that cohort are named after nobles. The fries were good, served in nice chunks of universal appeal. The Classic Pork Spare Ribs, however, was merely a pretender to the throne – baked in honey, hoisin and orange glaze, I highly doubt the pedigree of the dish and its classicalness. The meat was tender, but was sadly outstripped by the cloying sweetness of the glaze, and the Asiatic notes of hoisin, when doused disproportionately in honey, ring too close to US Chinese take-out.  And at ~$35 a plate, I expected something a whole lot closer to unadulterated yum.


Cauliflower gratin - Something I Would Eat.

Cauliflower gratin – Something I Would Eat.

The cauliflower gratin with Upper Moutere cheddar performed more solidly, but frankly speaking I can’t say I was expecting a whole lot from cauliflower, but it made the prospect of eating something good for you at least somewhat enticing, which I suppose passes for success in the vegetable arena.

And finally, my resident truffle fries review. At first I couldn’t tell the difference between the truffle fries and the regular (but delicious) ones. Only occasionally when the stars aligned were the fries adequately baptized with truffle seasoning and worth remembering; subtly and deliciously flavored, with crisp, generous wedges of potato with the privilege of playing conduit to this perfection. But I would take this with a pinch of salt, however, as I only had maybe three to five truly truffle fries spread out through a serving of normal ones that I diligently worked through.


NZ beer - it's just beer.

NZ beer – it’s just beer.

According to my husband, the NZ beer was just what it professed to be, stark, modest, and naturally brewed, and nothing much to write home about. The service, however, was pretty abysmal even by Singapore standards. Water took ages to be served, and when it was, they forgot to mention it was $12 a bottle, I suppose it just slipped their mind. Perhaps it’s just too classy a place for me – maybe the patrons who aren’t clutching dining deals have too much money to notice the price, the poor service or the lack of (justifiably significant) quality. I had expected a Kiwi restaurant to feel more like New Zealand – pleasant, laid-back, presented with fresh, unpretentious food, but perhaps it’s my fault; I should have known better than to trust a predominantly European country with fusion.

Rating: 3/5 stars

This daily deal review was posted by Janice

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Singapore Daily Deal Review – Three Wombats Cafe

63% off All-Day European 4-Course at Balestier, Valid Daily! Choose ANY 18 Choices of Ala-carte Main!

I can never reject the idea of spending an entire afternoon with a friend or two, chilling in a cozy and laidback café in Singapore. If you feel the same way as I do, a hidden gem that offers Aussie cuisine can be found along the street of Kim Keat road, just a short bus trip away from Novena/ Farrer Park MRT station, with a relaxing dining deal from Streetdeal.

Adorable wombat icon of the café

Adorable wombat icon of the café

Cozy/comfy café space

Cozy/comfy café space

The café might be cozy but the seats are very limited, there are only around 10 tables in total, so it is advisable to call for reservation than to walk in. Not only does the place made me felt like home, even the staff was friendly and patient. The staff really delivered top notch services by patiently waiting at the side for me to shoot pictures of the current dish before serving up the next, and that is not all. After serving up the food, they took effort to engage with me by introducing and sharing details of the dishes before leaving the table, pretty impressive. I got to enjoy a 4-Course Australia (Soup of the day, main dish, drink & dessert of the day).

Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Soup

Beef Lasagna

Beef Lasagna

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

Double Chocolate Brownie & Carrot Cake

Double Chocolate Brownie & Carrot Cake

The creamy broccoli soup brought me to a whole new level of soup perspective, it’s so yummy! You know how lasagna can be served quite dry sometimes? The boyfriend’s order of beef lasagna came with generous portion of homemade beefy Bolognese sauce topped with a pretty layer of mozzarella cheese! My order of deep fried battered dory (Finding Nemo) on the other hand came with a huge portion of wedges, served with their special sauce. Both main dishes were Wombat’s recommended dish, but I personally prefer the lasagna more. Although the desserts were served at really tiny portion (strangely), it still ended our meal on a sweeter note. Wombat is definitely a good place to dine and spent time with your love ones, the food are unpretentious and amazingly tasty! For the deal of $12.90 nett, the entire meal and ambience is definitely worth your visit!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

This daily deal review was posted by Adeline Tan

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Best Restaurant Buffet Deals in Singapore – July 2013 Edition

Planning to arrange for a dinner or lunch get together with friends? As you search through various restaurants and food joints to make it an enjoyable experience, that too without burning your pockets badly, know that there are some deals and vouchers available to make the process exciting and enticing for you. Some of the prominent restaurant buffet deals that are exceptionally good and lip smacking are provided here to help you decide better.


Big Deal brings for you a lucrative scope of savoring the best of seafood items at the recognized restaurant of The Orange Lobster at Orchard Central. Get to enjoy their A La Carte Buffet for an amazing rebate rate of $26.50 instead of the usual price rate of $70.62. Gorge on the unlimited all you can eat buffet of sea food at this award winning lobster porridge signature restaurant that makes eating out pocket-friendly and within budget limits. To avail this food deal at its best, you need to make prior appointment and reservation with the restaurant through voucher redemption process. Applicable on all days for both lunch and dinner, you can even get to avail unlimited vouchers as per its validity and availability.

As per the terms and condition of this deal, you cannot exchange or intermix it with any other options available in the restaurant. Moreover, once the voucher is redeemed, there is no scope for cancellation later. From appetizers to desserts and mouthwatering dishes, here is your excellent opportunity to savor the best platter of seafood items in low rates.


If Japanese cuisine is your choice of food to satisfy your taste buds, then has the right deal variety for you to check out. Just for $29.90, you will be allowed to a lip smacking and tantalizing Ala Carte Buffet of Japanese dishes at the KOME. From the diversities of Salmon Sashimi, tempura prawns to soft shell crabs, you will get it all here in this unbeatable low cost that is hard to miss. Adding more joy to this deal, you can bring your below 3 years kid also for a free-dine facility.

Open for buffet of two hours, this voucher can be redeemed as per the rules of the deal which states that this voucher is not applicable on weekends and other public holidays. In case of wastage of food, you will also get charged of $5 fine against each 100 gram of food.


Thirdly there is the food deal from StreetDeal where 2-in-2 Korean food buffet is served for only $16.99. Including delectable dishes such as the roaster and ginseng chicken, steamboat, shark fin soup, scallop chicken rice, fresh bird nest beancurd and chili crab, this deal is available everyday till 6am and is also inclusive of taxes.

You need to, however, reserve your deal in the restaurant in advance as it is existing only on the basis of availability. With this voucher redemption, you can utilize it for two people at a time only even though it is available unlimited for gift purpose.

Buffets not your cup of tea?  Find many more dining deal options that allow you to try the many delicacies Singapore has to offer!

Landscape Lookout – Daily Deal Sites in Singapore – July 2013 Edition (part III of III)

Check out parts I and II where we profile the other daily deal sites in Singapore such as Groupon SG and

If you are in search of some great deals, Singapore is a country that has it all. Here are some of the biggest names that you should check out for exciting vouchers and deals in affordable rates.

StreetDeal - StreetDeal brings for you some amazing travel deals to Singapore which is perfect for both corporate and personal vacation tours. Exciting and enjoyable with a unbeatable low price tag, this company brings some of the best voucher deals in Singapore and Malaysia. From travel, beauty products to activities and event, this organization is a well-recognized and prominent name in Malaysia. To make your trip more enticing, make sure that you check out StreetDeal regularly or you may miss out on some excellent offer. With this company ruling largely, it has put up a steep competition in order to make the deal market of Singapore less monopolized. It is however suggested that the company should also implement a strategy of looking for other markets for selling their deals besides hoisting expensive billboard signboards and radio or TV commercials. This is where smaller companies have outdone them.  

voucherlicious singapore

Voucherlicious - Another prominent name in the deal market of travel and tourism is voucherlicious that has been around for some time now. They have some of the best quality and quantity of deals to compare with the big names in the industry like Streetdeal and Groupon. However the flipside of this company is that people have not heard of them from the aspect of marketing. Though lately they have created a special section to add in more boosts and push their inventory of product deals. One is yet to see if their condition improves later this year to be counted as a notable name in the deals market of the country.

Nicedeal - Yet another deal company that has carved a niche in the Singapore market is Nicedeal. The fascinating travel deals from Singapore to different other places such as Bangkok, Batam and more are perfectly designed to give you a seamless and hassle free tour experience. The company might not be a regional leader in Singapore, but their presence keeps most Singapore deals companies in check.

Apart from these most widely known deal companies in Singapore, there are several more that are equally competing in the market to get a better hold among customers. Some of these names include the following:

  1. MoxDeals: This discount coupons company is one of the many offshoots by Telecom companies. MoxDeals is a division of Aglow Alicom, which is based out of Germany. For the domestic market, Mox Deals appears to do well in the field of Fitness & Beauty. MoxDeals also sells a reasonable number of deals to generate profits from their website under their telecom banner.
  2. ShoppeTreatz: ShoppeTreatz was launched in the middle of the year 2012 and they have around 20 or so live deals on an average. The special feature of their deal is that they cater more to women because their offers span various kinds of spa treatments and other pampering choices to the various kinds of designer handbags like the Kate Spade label.

What are your experiences with the daily deal sites mentioned above?  Have you bought something from them and were happy?  unsatisfied?  Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments discussion!

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of Deals-Singapore or any of its associated entities.

Singapore Daily Deal Review – Xcape Real Escape Game

$14.90/Pax for Admission to Xcape Singapore purchased from BigDeal

Xcape is located at Purvis Street, opposite the National Library. It isn’t very difficult to locate the place because it is situated right along the same passageway as Saveur the restaurant. Even though the game station is based on level 4, directory could be found the moment you enter the building, arrows and sign boards will direct you to the lift.

Directions on the steps upon entrance

Directions on the steps upon entrance

I was expecting a really messy, LAN gaming center kind of environment before this trip. But of course, I was wrong. The place was brightly lit, everything was neat and tidy, the staff were smiley and friendly, and even the air smells great! Before starting the game, house rules will be explained to you and lockers will be provided for you to store your bags and belongings as phones and cameras are not allowed within the game premises.

Clean & tidy shop

Clean & tidy shop

Free mini games on table to play while waiting for turns

Free mini games on table to play while waiting for turns

We chose the game – ‘Whisper of the Dead’ which has a level 4 difficulty rating. The game room is really worth praising. Every detail; wallpaper, lighting, crops, decoration and music were really well done. 10 mintues inside the room, we were already sucked into the game, busy fliping boards, torching painting portraits hanging on the wall with UV lights to source for clues on paintings, wearing 3D glasses to look for clues. Every room is bound to surprise us with a new device, technology or crops that you can never image to really exist in real life.

Bulletin board filled with pictures of all gamers.

Bulletin board filled with pictures of all gamers.

There is no need to worry about ghosts or any thing jumping out suddenly to scare you. All the game rooms are purely based on searching for clues and items to assist you in breaking the codes and unlocking doors to the next stage and ultimately out of the room. It was a pity we were stucked in the final stage and wasn’t able to complete the game within the given period of 60 mintues. It is advisable to form a group of 4 to participate in the games to quicken up the searching process. Personally, I believe that Xcape would be a fantastic place for people to bond, perfect for a family’s day out or gathering activity for friends. Everyone will be guaranteed a memorable day.

Xcape logo

If you are sourcing for interesting and valuable daily deals in Singapore, Deal Singapore is the place you should be visiting. Xcape’s non peak charge is $22/pax, but with this fun and entertaining daily deal it’s only $14.90/pax! This is one deal that is worth investing in, I am definitely going back to experience the remaining games.

Rating – 5/5 stars

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This daily deal review was posted by Adeline Tan

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Landscape Lookout – Daily Deal Sites in Singapore – July 2013 Edition (part II of III)

Let’s continue our look at the daily deals sites in Singapore by profiling 4 more today, the sleeping giant Groupon Singapore, medium sized players JuzToday & MoxDeals, and small upstart ShoppeTreatz.

If you haven’t read part I yet, be sure to check it out here.

groupon logo

Groupon SG – Ah the world dominating Groupon, who hasn’t heard of them?  In fact Groupon is so synonymously known throughout the world that it is often confused with the term “daily deal”…  kinda how people call tissues “Kleenex”, even though the latter is just a brand.  The most interesting fact about Groupon in Singapore is that they actually don’t have as much of a stranglehold on the region as in other parts of the world.  Give local companies such as and AllDealsAsia a big pat on the back for the strong competition they have put up, to make the Singapore daily deals industry less of a monopoly.

A strategy that Groupon should employ is to look for other places to market their deals; that is besides putting up expensive billboard signs and TV/radio commercials.  This is one area where some of the smaller players have been able to do better than them – return on investment or what’s referred to as getting the best bang for the buck.

juztoday logo

JuzToday – JuzToday has been around for a while and like Groupon, they suffer from the same problem, just (no pun intended) on a smaller scale.  They have the quality and quantity of deals to compete with other bigger daily deals sites such as Plus Big Deal and Streetdeal, but I just haven’t seen or heard enough about them from the marketing aspect.  Most recently, they’ve opened a JuzMarket section which helps push their ever growing inventory of products deals.  Let’s see if they make that extra marketing push in the 2nd half of 2013 to put them in the upper echelon of daily deal sites in Singapore.

moxdeals logo

MoxDeals – One of the many daily deal spin-offs done by Telecom companies, MoxDeals belongs to one of the e-commerce divisions of Aglow Alicom Pte Ltd, based out of Germany.  For the Singapore market, Mox Deals seems to be able to source well for Health & Beauty daily deals.  While MoxDeals will probably never be a regional leader in Singapore, their presence keeps the large daily deal sites honest.  At the same time, MoxDeals seems to be selling a reasonable amount of deals to keep on reaping whatever other beneficial gains they get from running a daily deals division under their telecom empire.

shoppetreatz logo

ShoppeTreatz – ShoppeTreatz is a smaller daily deals site that was started in mid-2012 and on average they have about 20 or so live deals.  Their deals are catered more towards the ladies ranging from spa treatments to Kate Spade handbags.  While the majority of their deals are attractive, I seem to always have trouble loading their web pages quickly.  This kind of user experience will turn off some shoppers so it will pay for them to look into make their website top-notch, to go along with some of their already exciting daily deals.

Join us next week for the last installment of this edition where we’ll review the on-goings of NiceDeal, StreetDeal, Voucherlicious, and Whee!

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of Deals-Singapore or any of its associated entities.